Motobecane Super Champion

I received an email recently from Rob who came across a Motobecane Super Champion and did an outstanding job of restoring it. Unlike my very dirty Super Champion restoration here, Rob went further with the bike as he had to source many original parts as he could find. Below is his description of his restoration work. As you can see from the photos, the bike looks fantastic and it’s great to see a classic Motobecane rejuvenated and ready for decades more riding.


Image of unrestored Motobecane Super Champion

The Super Champion Unrestored


Rob’s Story


“Last year I found one of these on Facebook marketplace, and while researching more about it, stumbled across your article, which was very helpful in identifying what components it should have, so thanks for that 🙂
The seller told me the previous woman owner had used it in races and time trials back in the day.
Unfortunately at some point it had been stripped of most of the original components, and rebuilt with whatever was lying around (a weird mix of Shimano and cheap unbranded parts), so I spent a good few months sourcing as much of the original parts as I could. I spent a fortune on the Stronglight crankset but it looks so good, it was worth it!”


Image of Stronglight crankset



Some Upgrades


“The frame has some patina, but like yours, polished up really well.
It came with Weinmann 500 brakes, which I’ve never really had a problem with, so I just lubed and polished them up, fitted some good pads, and they work good enough for me. 
One upgrade I did was to get a set of 700c clinchers (but still with high flange Normandy hubs) to make tyre changes and puncture fixes a bit easier.”



Image of Motobecane Super Champion, Reynolds badge


Ready for the Summer!

I’ve attached a pic of how it was when I got it, and how it is now. It’s a very nice ride. I’ve only used it to commute to work on nice days, but I hope to take it on longer rides this year when the weather gets a bit warmer!
(PS: Since taking the pics I’ve got a set of crank dust caps!)



Image of Motobecane Super Champion fork
Image of head tube, Motobecane
Image of Motobecane Super Champion front end

The Super Champion Model


This particular model, produced by Motobecane for only a certain number of years, was a mid-range machine that would have been ideal for a club rider. It’s main tubes were built with Reynolds 531 tubing and it came with good quality components, including the Stronglight 49 crankset, Weinmann side pull brakes, Huret derailleurs and 700c rims with Normandy hubs. Super Champions are not easy to find, so if you do manage to come across one, why not restore it like Rob has done? It’s a beautiful bike.

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