Peugeot PX 10


This frameset was in beautiful condition. The paint was glossy and free from bad scratches, and the half chrome forks and stays were shiny and free of the rust and weathering so typical of bikes of this era. I believe this was a Peugeot PX10, I owned it in 2010 and sold it in Seattle. It was originally built with a Simplex Super LJ derailleur set, Ideale 80 Record saddle, high flange Normandy hubs on Mavic Monthlery Pro tubular tyres, Stronglight 93 crankset and Mafac centrepull brakes.




But was this really a PX10E frame? I’m still not sure even to this day, for the amount of variants that Peugeot made of their higher models makes it difficult to know for sure. It has the diagonal “Reynolds 531” decal on the seat tube, high up, which places it pre-1974. It has the “inoxydable” label, but that was a feature of even the humblest UO-8 frames of the same era. However, the half chromed forks and stays, the Reynolds badge on the forks, the chromed tipped fork crowns and the Simplex drop-outs are all features of the famous PX10; this makes it a real contender, but alas, the fancy Nervex lugs are missing on this frame. The head tube lug, though painted black, is simple and lacking the decorative style of the Professional lugs. So I’m still confused.



Image of Peugeot PX 10 front end


Peugeot PX 10, the Legend


At least I know it’s not a PX10LE, for that model didn’t have the half chromed stays. I neither think it’s a PY model either. I haven’t found a specific model in the Peugeot catalogues that has these combinations of details. So let’s just say it was a PX10, without the fancy lugs. Peugeot were building bikes on a massive scale during the 1970’s and attention to detail was never their top priority, their serial numbers, bizarre model variants and stylistic combinations are a reflection of those heady days of the bike boom. They did, nevertheless, make a beautiful professional racing bike, even if the great Peugeot rider Tommy Simpson did race on a Masi dressed up to look like a PX-10.

Stem size: 25.0mm
Steerer tube: 22.0mm
Seatpost: 26.8mm
Bottom bracket: French: drive side right thread, left side right thread. Spindle length: 110mm
Rear spacing: 120mm


Peugeot PX 10 seat tube image

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